Monday, July 26, 2010

World Changers 2010 ~ unhindered~Wednesday, 7/21/10

Wednesday morning began just like the day before with breakfast at 6. We all left at 7 and got to Ms Woods house and began working on painting the rest of the white. With the boys and the girls painting white it really came together. The kids did a great job painting on the east side of the house even with the difficulty from the sun shining a glare on the stucco. After they finished we moved around to the front of the house and painted it and the columns on the porch. Wish I had gotten pictures of the girls practically hanging off the house trying to get all the way around the columns. We left the boys painting the high parts of the front of the house and the girls moved to the back which was by far the biggest part of the house to paint white and those girls painted their butts off to get it done with only a few parts left for the boys paint. A trio of men from FBC Saks brought us a wonderful lunch of BBQ sandwiches, baked beans, cole slaw and apple cobbler with ice cold sweet tea!! After lunch we had another devotion led by Christian and the kids really opened up and enjoyed it. Then it was back to work to finish painting all the white so we could do the green the next day. The new windows arrived and Mahlon and Mrs Nancy began getting them ready to hang. We had gotten smart so most of us had our clothes with us to get straight into the shower lines so we could go to the block party.
Normally at WC you start by arriving on Sat and going to your host church on Sun with the afternoon off on Wed for the church youth groups to go have fun. This year with an abbreviated week they didn't give us the afternoon off but instead we had a block party for the entire community at Zinn Park in Anniston. There was free food [hamburgers, hot dogs, sno cones, popcorn, chips, chips and salsa, cokes, water], different local churches had games set up like face painting and football toss and watermelon seed spitting and a fish pond, and there was entertainment. We enjoyed music from 3 of the WC churches and from a local church group who also performed some drama. Philip spent the time witnessing to several people including a woman named Cynthia and her son Jamal. Cynthia was one of the 12 people to accept Christ that night. Dennis and the 3 kids from our church spent the evening playing frisbee with one of the WC frisbees that also had the plan of salvation on them. Because my gout had decided to act up that day due to me having sneakers on 2 days in a row, I spent the evening worshipping in the concert area. While there I got to enteract with the cutest little boy who happened to have Down's Syndrome. He walked up to the girl next to me and we started playing with him. He was absolutely beautiful and while I never really interacted with his mom I know thru our acceptance of him we showed her love and acceptance as well. We headed back to the church for our youth group devotions. Clifford gave us an interesting view on world history on the way back with Hitler and Jaques Cousteau being contemporaries and Germany being surrounded by water. We had our usual free time and then headed to bed.

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