Monday, July 26, 2010

World Changers 2010 ~ unhindered~Sunday, 7/18/10

Sunday morning we all got up and had the continental breakfast at the hotel. Philip had found a dog outside that he fed eggs to. After everyone was ready we headed to worship at Crestview Baptist Church which just happened to be down the street from our hotel. We joined them for Sunday School with Philip and Dennis going into the young adults, Clifford in the preteen class, & me and the 2 girls in the youth class. When one of the boys heard we were from FL his 1st ? was were we Gator fans!!! We enjoyed a quick time of worship in the SS room and a good lesson. Then we went to the contemporary service. This was very different for all of us but more so for Dennis, Cliffor and the girls. They are used to being at our church with a very traditional service so not using any hymnals and all the different songs was a change for them. The people at the church were so very super friendly and welcoming and really made us feel right at home. The pastor prayed for us and our World Changers experience. After church we went to lunch at Applebees. We had noticed several of the church people there and Philip spoke to them. While we were waiting on our lunch a waitress came up and asked us what we wanted for dessert . She said that the table in the corner told her about us being on a mission trip and that they were picking up our entire bill including dessert. What a blessing!!!!! After lunch we went to Wal-Mart to get some febreeze for the van. Philip had realized he forgot his pillow and blanket so he bought a pillow and a zebra print snuggie!! We went back to the hotel to swim and play with the beach ball I got at Wally World. The kids spent some time in the work out room of the hotel and then that evening we went to Arby's for dinner. We spent the evening chilling and got a good night's sleep before the next day.

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