Tuesday, July 27, 2010

World Changers 2010 ~ unhindered~Thursday, 7/22/10

Thursday morning the girls on my crew were excited because finally we would be able paint with green paint!!!! WOO HOO no more white. We had help that morning when they sent us another crew who had already finished their home to paint with us. I spent the morning with Anna who I nicknamed the Energizer Bunny of painting, as she painted the window frames sometimes spending 20 or more minutes on one frame getting the green all the way to the edge by painting a little and then wiping it off the metal and painting again. Mahlon and Mrs Nancy worked hard all morning on the windows. The Ladies SS Class of FBC Saks brought us lunch of hoagies [turkey and roast beef], with all the trimmings [lettuce, home grown tomato slices, cheese, onions, pickles, mayo, mustard, ketchup], chips, apple slices and berries that had been soaked in 7-up overnight to keep the apples from turning, cookies, pink lemonade and tea. After lunch we worked on touching up the green paint and painting the planter on the front porch. Anna and Courtney asked Ms Woods if they could decorate her planter and came back and painted some swirls and dots and her name on it. After it was done they went and had her come out to see it and she loved it. We had our usual afternoon popsicles, cleaned up and headed back to shower. Dinner that night was BBQ chicken, baked beans and corn. After dinner we had adult prayer, worship with the emphasis on salvation and youth group devotions. During devotions Philip was speaking about his favorite verses out of the book of Daniel. I had noticed Mrs Nancy's church was on the other side of the church. I did think that Philip was getting louder and louder and all of sudden Mrs Nancy caught my eye asking me to have him quiet down. He was embarassed but all went well and we finished. For a treat after devotions we took the kids to Sonic where Philip had a burger and fried pickles, I had a frito wrap, Dennis had a iced mocha thing, and the girls had Sonic Blasts. The best part of the evening was Clifford who ordered a foot long chili cheese coney. When this guy Russ came up [who happens to look and kinda sound like Stone Cold Steve Austin], Clifford was all excited about telling him about his hot dog - -so Russ nicknamed Clifford Weinie Man!!!! We went back to the church to get ready for bed.

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