Monday, July 26, 2010

World Changers 2010 ~ unhindered~Monday, 7/19/10

Monday morning we got up and again had breakfast at the hotel. Then it was on the road to Anniston, Alabama. Philip did stop and let me take pictures of the Atlanta Motor Speedway. He also helped Clifford and Dennis work on their witnessing techniques by pretending to be a Muslim they were trying to convert. We had a good trip to Alabama. When we got off the interstate we did have to find a detour because there was a train just sitting still across the road we needed to take. We went to Ihop for lunch before finding the church for registration. After a little confusion due to the address supplied by World Changers we arrived at Greenbrier Road Baptist Church in Anniston for the week. Philip checked us in and we found our rooms. I got our air mattresses set up in a room with about 20 other girls/ladies. Then I volunteered for me and the girls to move because they were going to put 3 girls from another church on the ground level away from everyone else and the oldest one was only 20 and I felt more secure moving since I am older than that. We got settled in and then went to the opening celebration. We all had dinner [meatloaf, mashed potatoes & gravy, green beans, salad, roll and dessert] and then went down the huge hill to have the group pic taken. We got our crew assignments and had our evening worship service with our youth group devotions. After some free time and a coke in the concession stand, it was time to go to our rooms for bed.

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